Welcome to Prana Holistic

                  Sharon & Kristi

If you haven't heard the news, Prana is closing its doors. July 9th will be our last day. Please stop by between 10am and 3pm as we are having a garage sale. Come buy some Prana memorabilia, have some lemonade, or just say goodbye.

Looking to keep in contact? Kristi's new website is at www.kristishmyr.com

It has truly been a pleasure to serve you over the past 9+ years. If you want to continue to see the therapists you saw here, please note that everyone's contact information is to the right.

Sharon and Kristi

Sharon and Kristi will still be operating out of Prana until the building sells. You can book with Kristi or Sharon here. You can also call or text Sharon at 780.884.1827 or email at soledancer@shaw.ca, or email Kristi at kristi@kristishmyr.com or call 587.487.5003

Adam Salzman

You can find Adam Salzman at Lifemark Mira Center: 11910 111th Avenue, or call 780.509.4065, or check them out online at www.lifemark.ca

Josh Lockert

You can find Josh Lockert at Everybody Massage Therapy, 6603 98 Avenue, call him at 780.271.4168, or email him at lockert21@gmail.com

Keshia Bridges

You can kind Keshia Bridges at New Balance Chiropractic Clinic at 10540-102 Avenue, call 780.429.3400, or check them out online at www.newbalancecc.com