Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM

Our Mission

To provide people with an uplifting and supportive atmosphere in which to challenge the direction of their lives and evolve an innovative path of their own creation, while maintaining and improving the health of the practitioner, the community and the environment.

We want people to realize they do not have to live their life in pain; they don’t have to settle for or cope with less than their own perfect health.

Prana Holistic Ltd. Officially came into existence May 2006, focusing on providing retreats to corporate and private clients. On April 16, 2007, Prana Holistic officially opened a multidisciplinary center in downtown Edmonton. Ultimately, Prana Holistic will serve as a place where people who choose to be more successful, happy and empowered in all aspects of their lives can come for guidance, support and improved health.

Prana Holistic aspires to fill the void left in the current model of health; one that does not adequately support the success and evolution of modern, busy men and women. Our aim is to create an urban, holistic retreat within the city, and to act as a bridge between alternative and traditional medicine.

Prana Holistic is also based on the philosophy that you can only get back from life what you put in; our expectations of our community and team are that of compassion and generosity to the surrounding community. That includes cooperation with other practitioners, not competition; volunteer efforts, in our community and beyond; and the gentle handling of our precious environment.

Community is everything to us, and we invite you to be part of ours.

Our commitments

1.  We are full service.

We offer everything under one roof. If we don’t offer it, we will do everything in our power to find it for our clients. We help guide our clients to the best treatment possible for THEM by offering assessments and free email consultations.

2.  We are strongly committed to giving back to community.

People are increasingly busy, and despite a rising concern for the welfare of others, not everyone has the time to help out as much as we wish we could. Your commitment to Prana Holistic means we can continue our commitment to help others. That way, every time you invest in yourself at Prana, you are also investing in the betterment of others.

3.  Our practitioners are top of their class and genuinely care about you.

Prana Holistic assembled a team of exceptional practitioners who stand out not only for their amazing talent, but also their dedication to a truly holistic approach to well-being. Everyone at Prana is here because there is nowhere else we would rather work, and we will make every effort to ensure there is nowhere else you would rather go.

4.  Our practitioners are focused on you, not who is in the waiting room.

Our commitment to offer the best service possible includes our promise that you will not be rushed out of appointments, nor will you wait. We make it our policy not to schedule clients back-to-back, ensuring that you get our full attention every time you come in. We will do our best to ensure that you do not feel rushed or neglected. Your time with us is precious and we commit to always valuing that time.

5.  We walk the talk.

Incongruent practice can be very disappointing –the oncologist you catch smoking, the nutritionist you run into at the drive-through. While we will never claim to be without flaws, we make a concerted effort to live the life we preach. Prana Holistic’s Industry Health Program ensures that all practitioners are receiving sessions every month to maintain and encourage a healthy lifestyle. We provide healthy, organically-grown food for our practitioners to snack on and ensure they receive any training or coaching sessions they may require, either professionally or personally. It is only by growing and bettering ourselves that we can help our clients.

6.  We value our services…

…And our services are priced accordingly. We are aware that there are companies that offer similar services for a lower price. We also know that when you make a choice to spend money, you not only look at the lowest price, you look at the quality of the product and the service provided. No company can excel in all three areas – they cannot offer the best service and quality when they are charging the lowest price. Our commitment is to offer superior, quality service for a superior, quality product.

7. We let our guiding principles guide our business.

We do not advertise or partner with companies that have practices or philosophies that are incongruent with our own.  Without passing judgment, Prana Holistic has made it a policy to refuse to do business with companies that deny equal respect to any group or individual. We ensure we are dealing with companies that are guided by policies that include, not exclude. If you ever have a concern about a company that Prana Holistic has chosen to work with, we encourage you to let us know so we can learn more and make appropriate decisions about that relationship.

8.  We help the environment through our actions, not simply our words.

One of our driving forces at Prana is a passion for maintaining and restoring our environment. All of our sheets, towels and blankets are organic, as are our hygiene products. We base our decisions on products on a series of qualifications: do we need the item to run our business at an optimal level; can we get the product second-hand or recycled and still maintain a professional image; and can we find the product closer to home, to reduce pollution due to transport. By following this protocol, we are attempting to not only reduce our impact on the environment, but also to quietly influence others in their decisions.

9.  We offer no magic bullet or quick fix and we never will.

The shorter path is not always worth taking. If you really want to change your life, whether personally or professionally, there is no way around the work you have to do. We do not “fix” people; we guide you on the path of your own choosing, using support and accountability. If you are looking for a passive experience where nothing is required of you but to show up, we may not be what you are looking for. But if you are truly ready to find out exactly who you can become, we welcome you and promise to do all we can to empower you in an honest and ethical way.