This Detox Rocks!

Ready to do a cleanse? Ready to feel great?



oneThe Liver Cleanse: This cleanse is our starter cleanse, and our most popular. I generally recommend
this is where you start, as it cleans not just your liver, but your full system. And if your liver isn’t functioning well, nothing is functioning well. Digestive issues, trouble losing weight, skin problems, low energy – this is where you start. Before you look at the advanced cleanses, I recommend this
cleanse. Click here to check it out.




twoThe Hormone Cleanse: The newest Prana cleanse offering, this cleanse is an advanced cleanse,
ideally done after you have completed the liver cleanse.

If you have experienced changes in your menstrual cycle, mood issues, weight gain, cravings or if you have reason to believe that your hormones are out of balance, then check out the hormone cleanse here.






The Lung Cleanse: This is a specialty cleanse, for people who have or want to quit smoking, have
recurring lung or sinus issues like asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis, or who just feel like they are
often short of breath. You can check this cleanse out here.