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Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM

Ecstasy Reflexology Facial – Reduce puffiness, stimulate your body’s own healing abilities and rejuvenate tired skin. Using luxurious and completely chemical-free skin care products and the ancient healing secrets of reflexology, you will truly be in ecstasy from this 45 minute beauty treatment. All products are customized for your skin type and, when you finally slide off the table, you will look refreshed and radiant!

Wrinkle-Relaxing Reflexology Facial – Not ready for a frozen face lift? Reflexology offers natural, yet dramatic results with regular use. We use pure, holistic products specifically for more experienced skin to purify and hydrate: reflex points on your face are then massaged to gently relax and tone your skin. Relax in peace while we make you even more beautiful in 75 minutes. For a truly dramatic face lift, we offer packages for multiple sessions.

Clear Complexion Reflexology Facial – Adult acne happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, typical treatments can be just as unpleasant. Our facial is unique. It not only cleans the skin of surface debris and calms inflammation, it also uses reflexology pressure points to balance your entire system and relieve the problem at its root. Enjoy one hour of relaxing relief and greet the world with a new confidence. For dramatic results, we offer multiple treatment packages.