Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM

We are proud to offer a variety of healing modalities at Prana Holistic. You can see a complete list in the drop down menu under services.

All sessions can be booked right online here, or you can call 780.454.5299 and we’d be happy to help you get the session you want. For the uninitiated or confused clients, who don’t know what to choose, we offer assessments for just $99.

Assessments are a way for us to help you get clear on what is going to help you achieve your health goals. Our entire team works with you to develop a Plan of Care that will bring your closer to your own idea of perfect health. If you decide to go ahead with the plan we create for you, we will credit you $70 to get you started! Call 780.454.5299 to book your assessment now, or click here for more information! So browse, learn and enjoy! We promise, we have something for everyone at Prana Holistic!