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Considered the oldest practiced medical system in the world, acupuncture got its beginnings in China
and Southeast Asia approx. 5000 years ago. It is currently estimated that 1/3 of the world still uses
acupuncture as a primary health care modality. In the 1970s, North American interest was spurred
when an aide to President Nixon was successfully treated with acupuncture on a tour in China.

With western research and growing interest, we have discovered that needles placed near nerves can mask a
pain stimulus through altered neural impulse and release opioid peptides (endorphins and encephalins)
and serotonin in the body to create an analgesic effect and a feeling of well being. They can also
regulate reflex arc responses and manage spinal cord pain tolerance thresholds.

Acupuncture fundamentally treats the whole being; body, mind and spirit by treating causes of disorders
and not symptoms. By inserting needles equal in size to human hair, it works with the body to heal
itself. The techniques helps to regulate the body’s vital energy called Qi to work at peak performance
and a balanced state. Acupuncturists individually analyze each patient and by using some of over
360 points and related modalities, they tailor-make each treatment plan for the patient. Registered
acupuncturists are strongly regulated and follow tight guidelines. Doctors and Physiotherapists may
practice acupuncture but few have had more than a couple classes of training and fully understand this
technique. Canadian acupuncturists are required to use pre-sterilized, single-use, disposable needles
that are manufactured from medical grade fine stainless steel.

Most people ask, “Is it going to hurt?” Our primary goal is relaxation, comfort and a sense of well-being
to allow healing; therefore it is not conducive to create a pain sensation. The thin, sharp nature of the
needles allows us to part tissue rather than cut it like regular hypodermic needles.

WHO (World Health Organization) and the National Institutes for Health is the US have declared
acupuncture effective for ; addictions, arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, chemotherapy nausea and side
effects, dental pain, depression, digestive problems, ear problems, fibromyalgia, headaches, infections,
colds/blues, insomnia, male disorders, menstrual & female disorders, muscle and joint pain, neurological
disorders, post-op, respiratory problems, sinusitis, skin disorders, stroke rehab, urinary problems and