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It’s been almost a year since marijuana became legal in Canada and it makes life easier for recreational users because they can access cannabis without going through the complicated evaluation processes. Now, the needful patients can purchase from the handful authorized offline store as well. However, before the legalization, more than 3, 00,000 Canadians with prescriptions used to look out for their mails boxes after ordering marijuana online because it was the only way.

They weren’t allowed to go to a local pharmacy or medical marijuana clinic alberta to get their prescriptions, and they were completely dependent on non-medical professionals to determine if they will face any side effects due to the use of medical marijuana with ongoing medications or not.

However, this hasn’t stopped major pharmaceutical giants to enter the space. For instance, recently we have seen pharmaceutical business giants like Sandoz and B.C. cannabis company Tilray joined in hands together to develop and distribute brand new marijuana products. After the legalization, in the history of Canada, this is the first major deal between two major cannabis producers.

So far Sandoz has eight products and all of them are non-smoke-able. However, according to official announcements, medical marijuana clinic alberta is considering the smokable option for the future. According to Vincenzo Ciampi, Executive Director of Innovation and Strategic Projects of Sandoz Canada, their (Sandoz/Tilray) products are helping patients to cope with conditions such as PTSD, neuropathic pain and psychological trauma. Though it sounds like everything going very well, it’s just an illusion. Patients are not getting enough period.

According to the Health Canada website, due to Provincial and Federal law, people only can buy the products from the online authorized store and the numbers of offline medical marijuana clinic alberta are less than even 100. So ultimately, the products are not helping a lot of patients.

According to Allan Malek a member of Ontario Pharmacists’ Association’s, they are looking for ways to reduce the restrictions so people can buy medical cannabis from local pharmacist stores. They are using their every resource to lobby the provincial government to ease the regulations to offer better and safe service to the patients.

He also said that 600 drugs can give patients an adverse side effect if they come in contact with cannabis and 120 of them are considered as “severe”. However, right now, pharmacy cannot see a patient’s prescription and this makes it dangerous for patient’s overall wellbeing.

The OPA has been desperately trying to lobby the government to legalize selling cannabis in local pharmacies to sell offline in cities like Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver and more. In fact, since the legalization of cannabis, 219 lobbyists registered to pursue the government of Ontario to allow the sale of medical marijuana in a retail mall, medical marijuana clinic, and pharmacies. However, the local authority not ready to deregulate the sale of medical marijuana clinic alberta. Not yet. This is definitely not a good thing for 350,000 stranded patients desperately searching for easy accessibility of medical marijuana.

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